Claudia Ortiz,
Director of Excess

It’s a lot like sticker shock. Supply chain pros often have a buildup of surplus inventory left over after cancelled builds or overbuys and the time comes to get whatever cash can be had out of it. Most EMS companies have great traceability, properly stored parts, and an expectation to get a fairly high return. Then they find the biggest broker they can and send over their list. Here is where the sticker shock comes in, big brokers typically offer 3-5% of the current lowest distribution pricing.

Why is that? Multinational logistics centers, huge warehouses, bloated support staffs, and a plethora of other overhead makes it necessary for most brokers to feed their bottom line with huge profit margins on your excess inventory. It’s not atypical for brokers to make 50-75% returns on excess. At iBuyXS we charge just a small fixed amount and you get complete transparency for the transaction. You’ll know the final sale price and where the parts are going.

We have a multitude of programs designed to get you the quickest sale, or the highest return, or anywhere in between. Click the button below for a free appraisal of your inventory and to get started.

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