Get a jump on purging your dead, overbought, unsold, or otherwise excess inventory and don’t start FY 2020 carrying that extra weight around

December is the time of year when many of us may start to notice we might have indulged a bit too much while building up to the holidays. It’s easy to get lost a bit in the optimism of the season and the knowledge that the New Year is just around the corner just in time for resolutions.

For the electronics manufacturing sector our work lives can parallel that scenario. Many companies gorged on the Christmas build and loaded up for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. While the sales numbers are not in yet, one thing is certain; if you are a supply chain professional, like a materials manager or purchasing pro, by now you have a pretty good idea what you have that will be excess to start 2020. 

With Amazon and Uber eats and same day deliveries we’ve become used to instant gratification. Shedding excess, generally speaking, has not caught up to that pace. At iBuyXS, if you send us your excess list, even if it is 1,000 lines or more we can give you an appraisal of the value in 1 hour or less. We often can get you an offer the same day and the parts can be shipped out as soon as you have them ready. Simply click below, send us your excel file with your parts, and clear your books and your warehouse within a week! We buy all things electronic including electronic components, switchgear, FPGA, memory, SSD, cameras and other finished goods. 

Click, Purge, Start 2020 Leaner.

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