With record new cases of Covid-19 in the US and Globally, and flu season right around the corner, iBuyPPE, a division of iBuyXS LLC, today announced a new, factory-direct relationship with it’s partner company to be the direct importer of 20 Million boxes of Nitrile gloves per week.

The Nitrile Glove market has become a farce with broker chains and broken promises. We decided to establish a factory-direct link to ensure guaranteed delivery”

  John Pallazola, CMO iBuyPPE

The Nitrile glove market has become a modern-day gold rush with a cacophony of pseudo-businesspeople, scammers, and brokers all looking to make millions off of a single deal. Countless hours, days, and forfeited deposits have quickly made glove transaction risk and complexity rival those of cryptocurrency in its worst times.

With iBuy’s new factory alliance, and straight-forward approach, creditworthy customers can simply place a PO and then pay in full once the goods arrive in the US after their overseas shipping. No Risk, no loss of capital. Guaranteed delivery.

For more info and remaining allocation schedules visit iBuyPPE. iBuyXS is registered on Sam.Gov

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