We have some tough to find Renesas Automotive MCU located in North America. These are all original factory sealed packaging and 21 datecode.

50K R5F10ABDLNA6TR Renesas 21 DC For Bid

Description: RL78/F13 microcontrollers are successors to the 78K0R and R8C, are available in a 20 to 80-pin, 16 to 128 KB flash memory lineup, and realize the industry’s lowest level of consumption current. They have a built-in CAN module and LIN module for automotive interfaces, and in addition to the functional safety features of the RL78/F12 a RAM ECC function, PLL lock function, port output state monitoring, stack overflow detection, dedicated WDT oscillator and more have also been added. Since a more highly reliable system can be built, these microcontrollers can be used for industrial applications and of course automotive applications.

Part Number: R5F10ABDLNA6TR

Quantity: 50,000

MFG: Renesas

Datecode: 21

Pricing: Best Bid (click button below)

Key Features:

  • Minimum instruction execution time can be changed from high speed (0.03125 ?s: @ 32 MHz operation with high speed on-chip oscillator clock or PLL clock) to ultra low-speed (66.6 ?s: @ 15 kHz operation with low-speed on-chip oscillator clock)
  • General-purpose register: 8 bits × 32 registers (8 bits × 8 registers × 4 banks)
  • ROM: 16 to 256 KB
  • RAM: 1 to 20 KB
  • Data flash memory: 4 KB/8 KB
  • High-speed on-chip oscillator clock
    • Selectable from 32 MHz (Typ.), 24 MHz (Typ.), 16 MHz (Typ.), 12 MHz (Typ.), 8 MHz (Typ.), 4 MHz (Typ.), and 1 MHz (Typ.) (Selectable from 64 MHz (Typ.) and 48 MHz (Typ.) when using Timer RD)
  • Low-speed on-chip oscillator clock: 15 kHz × 2 channels (one for WWDT and one for CPU and peripherals other than WWDT)
  • On-chip PLL (×3, ×4, ×6, ×8)
  • On-chip single-power-supply flash memory (with prohibition of block erase/writing function)
  • Self-programming (with boot swap function/flash shield window function)
  • On-chip debug function
  • On-chip power-on-reset (POR) circuit and voltage detector (LVD)
  • On-chip watchdog timer (operable with the dedicated low-speed on-chip oscillator clock)

Complete Spec Sheet is HERE. Here are the specs for this particular part # in yellow below:

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