FDMM064GTTG7-103-81 is used in the Industrial, Medical and Automotive industries. 

The possibilities of using memory products spread across numerous industries. Just to name a few uncommon applications: lawn mower for agricultural industry, seismic recorder, robotic vacuum, and industrial machinery for food processing industries.

Some of the common applications that Flexxon focuses on in the Medical Industry are: Diagnosis, Monitoring, Treatment and HomeCare.

Flexxon storage solutions deliver top-notch quality and reliability to meet the  requirements of major automotive suppliers, service providers and system developers for these 5 categories: Automotive Computer System, Infotainment and GPS Tracking Device, Rail, VehiclePerformance and VehicleSafety and Security. 

Part Number: FDMM064GTTG7-103-81

4GB FDMM004G & 16GB FDMM016G

Quantity: 50,000

MFG: Flexxon

Datecode: 2019 & 2020

Pricing: Best Offer (click button below)

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