MLX90316KGO-BCG-000-RE Melexis Technologies

Part Number: MLX90316KGO-BCG-000-RE

MFG: Melexis Technologies

Pieces: 4,500

DC: 2221

Description: Hall Effect Sensor Rotary Position External Magnet, Not Included Gull Wing

The MLX90316 is a Tria⊗is® Rotary Position Sensor providing the absolute angular position of a small dipole magnet rotating above the device surface (end-of-shaft magnet).

Thanks to an Integrated Magneto-Concentrator (IMC) on its surface, the monolithic device senses, in a contactless fashion, the horizontal component of the applied magnetic flux density. This unique sensing principle applied to a rotary position sensor results into an impressive robustness of the angular position over the mechanical (airgap, off-axis) tolerances.