A New And Better Way For OEMs To Sell Their Excess

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A New and Better Way for OEMs to Sell Their Excess

The old way for OEM, CEM, and other EMS supply chain professionals to sell their excess electronic components is to sell it to a broker for pennies on the dollar, take the huge loss, and move on. It always left me feeling like I had just traded in my car to a dealer.

You know how they always tell you your car isn’t worth anywhere what you thought it was? I’ve always thought that it’s be far better if they could help me maximize the resale of my car and then take a commission on the sale. That way they have no risk but I can get more of a return on my investment. That is the idea that spawned iBuyXS.

We work directly with the excess sellers to do all the things needed to sell their electronic components and consumer electronic goods like cameras and other high end consumer electronics. We handle the bidding process, e-commerce, digital marketing, and warehousing, if needed.

When the best buyer is identified we usually ship the goods right from your facility to them, saving even more wasted $$ on shipping charges that brokers charge you for just so they can keep their high paying buyers hidden from you. In times where anonymity is desired we can handle that and provide our 3rd party invoices and shipping paperwork enabling you to blind ship the product. You will know who the parts are sold to and what the resale is.

iBuyXS charges a small contingency fee, a % based on the total resale. That means the more ROI you get, the more we make as well. Our goals are aligned.

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