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Part Number: XCVU13P-L2FHGA2104E

MFG: Xilinx

Quantity: 5000

Date Code: 1925

Description: Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) IC 832 5148672 378 214-BBGA, FCBGA

Applications: Inference Engines, Users of inference engines, Artificial intelligence (AI) . The inference engine is the processing component in contrast to the fact gathering or learning side of the system.


Artificial intelligence is currently used in manufacturing plants all over the world to reduce critical errors, drastically improve production times and boost safety measures. AI is used to generate real-time data that enables companies to quickly fine-tune workflows. Ai is also used to reinforce systems, cybersecurity measures and other aspects of the manufacturing process.

Top Companies Using Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing
Intel Corporation
Rockwell Automation
Veo Robotics
Automation Anywhere
Machina Labs, Inc.