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How iBuyXS Maximized ROI through Virtual Consignment

Challenge: A prominent automotive manufacturer in Europe faced a significant challenge: They needed to offload surplus inventory of electronic components to achieve the highest return on investment (ROI) on their initial cost of goods. However, internal policies required them to retain physical possession of the surplus stock until it was sold, making traditional consignment methods […]

iBuyXS Triumphs in Electronic Component Shortage Crisis

The Challenge: In the dynamic realm of Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS), the ripple effects of natural disasters on the supply chain can be profound. Faced with the daunting task of procuring 70,000 units of the DLW5BTM501SQ2L MURATA electronic component, our client was racing against time. This urgency was compounded by the January earthquake on Japan’s […]

Success Story: iBuyXS Empowers Buyers to Avoid a Production Shutdown

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Background: A prominent global audio and video equipment manufacturer faced a challenge finding where to buy electronic components that were allocated through their regular franchised distributors. In a bid to meet impending production deadlines, they urgently required over 100,000 Texas Instrument DSP (Digital Signal Processor), which were allocated and they were quoted a 6 month […]