Flexxon MicroSD FDMM064GTTG7-103-81 Available from iBuyXS

FDMM064GTTG7-103-81 is used in the Industrial, Medical and Automotive industries. 

The possibilities of using memory products spread across numerous industries. Just to name a few uncommon applications: lawn mower for agricultural industry, seismic recorder, robotic vacuum, and industrial machinery for food processing industries.

Some of the common applications that Flexxon focuses on in the Medical Industry are: Diagnosis, Monitoring, Treatment and HomeCare.

Flexxon storage solutions deliver top-notch quality and reliability to meet the  requirements of major automotive suppliers, service providers and system developers for these 5 categories: Automotive Computer System, Infotainment and GPS Tracking Device, Rail, VehiclePerformance and VehicleSafety and Security. 

Part Number: FDMM064GTTG7-103-81

4GB FDMM004G & 16GB FDMM016G

Quantity: 50,000

MFG: Flexxon

Datecode: 2019 & 2020

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OEM Excess For Bid: Xilinx XC7Z020-1CLG400I and XC7Z020-2CLG400I

OEM Excess for bid Xilinx XC7Z020-1CLG400I and XC7Z0202CLG400I

We have the following 2 lines of Xilinx excess. Original factory boxes. Parts are located in the USA. Line item bids only.

Part Number: XC7Z020-1CLG400I XILINX Part Number: XC7Z020-2CLG400I
Quantity: 11,965 Quantity: 2,072
Date Code: 18+ Date Code: 18+
MFG: Xilinx MFG: Xilinx
Pricing: BID – Click link below Pricing: BID – Click link below
Description: IC SOC CORTEX-A9 667MHZ 400BGA Description: IC SOC CORTEX-A9 766MHZ 400BGA
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The Ultimate Reference Guide on Protective Face Masks

With the novel coronavirus outbreak globally, many people are understandably concerned about their health and safety.

In this post we’ll look at the difference between masks, respirators, and filtering standards such as N95 and FFP2/FFP3…

Masks vs Respirators

Before we go any further, lets just clarify on a technical difference between a “mask” and a “respirator”. In day to day language we often say mask, when referring to what are technically called respirators.

Uses for Masks:

  • Masks are loose fitting, covering the nose and mouth
  • Designed for one way protection, to capture bodily fluid leaving the wearer
  • Example – worn during surgery to prevent coughing, sneezing, etc on the vulnerable patient
  • Contrary to belief, masks are NOT designed to protect the wearer
  • The vast majority of masks do not have a safety rating assigned to them (e.g. NIOSH or EN)

Uses for Respirators:

  • Respirators are tight fitting masks, designed to create a facial seal
  • Non-valved respirators provide good two way protection, by filtering both inflow and outflow of air
  • These are designed protect the wearer (when worn properly), up to the safety rating of the mask
  • Available as disposable, half face or full face

Respirator Standards

Whilst surgical style masks are not redundant by any means (discussed more below), they aren’t designed to protect the wearer, whilst respirators are.

The US Center for Disease Control (CDC) cites the N95 respirator standard as part of the advised protective equipment in their Covid-19 FAQ and their SARS guidance (SARS being a similar type of Corona virus). Which suggests that an N95 or better respirator is acceptable.

N95 vs FFP3 & FFP2

The most commonly discussed respirator type is N95. This is an American standard managed by NIOSH – part of the Center for Disease Control (CDC).

Europe uses two different standards. The “filtering face piece” score (FFP) comes from EN standard 149:2001. Then EN 143 standard covers P1/P2/P3 ratings. Both standards are maintained by CEN (European Committee for Standardization).

Let’s see how all the different standards compare:

As you can see, the closest European equivalent to N95 are FFP2 / P2 rated respirators, which are rated at 94%, compared to the 95% of N95.

Similarly, the closest to N100 are P3 rated respirators – with FFP3 following closely behind.

You could approximate things to say:

KN95 vs N95

Whilst theoretically the Chinese KN95 standard has the same specification as N95 respirators – see 3M document (link) – to quote “it is reasonable to consider China KN95, AS/NZ P2, Korea 1st Class, and Japan DS FFRs as equivalent to US NIOSH N95 and European FFP2 respirators”. In practice the issue is more complex, and I wouldn’t take for granted that all KN95 respirators are up to the same standard as US N95 or EU FFP2 respirators.

Things to watch out for:

  • No guarantee that all KN95 respirators *actually* meet the Chinese KN95 standard – watch out for scams
  • Also check to make sure there’s a good seal around face / some padding for comfort / tie around face straps with adequate strength and tension

Are N95/N100 actually better than FFP2/P3?

Not neccessarily, it’s important to note that these standards only specify the minimum % of particles that the respirator filters. For example, if a mask is FFP2 rated, it will filter at least 94% of particles that are 0.3 microns in diameter or larger. But in practice it will filter somewhere between 94% and 99%. The precise figure will often be quoted by the manufacturer in the product description.

A good example is the GVS Elipse respirator, which in the USA (link) is rated at P100 (99.7%), and in Europe (link) is rated at P3 (99.95%). In practice it’s likely to have the same filtering capacity in both regions.

One hack to protect (and respect) others when wearing a valved respirator is to put a surgical mask or “cloth face covering” over the valved respirator, to (partially) filter the out breath.

How big is the Coronavirus, and can respirators filter it?

TL;DR – yes, respirators with high efficiency at 0.3 micron particle size (N95/FFP2 or better) can in theory filter particles down to the size of the coronavirus (which is around 0.1 microns). What that doesn’t tell us is how much protection respirators will provide against coronavirus when in use – we will need to wait for future studies to confirm.

iBuyPPE is a stocking distributor for bulk quantities of Personal Protective Equipment including FDA, CE, and NIOSH certified Face Masks. We ship from our US warehouse and do not require TT advance terms. Next day shipping on items in stock. For more information visit www.ibuyppe.com

Source & original article: https://fastlifehacks.com/n95-vs-ffp/

iBuyPPE Inks Factory Direct Contract with Superieur Gloves

With record new cases of Covid-19 in the US and Globally, and flu season right around the corner, iBuyPPE, a division of iBuyXS LLC, today announced a new, factory-direct relationship with it’s partner company to be the direct importer of 20 Million boxes of Nitrile gloves per week.

The Nitrile Glove market has become a farce with broker chains and broken promises. We decided to establish a factory-direct link to ensure guaranteed delivery”

  John Pallazola, CMO iBuyPPE

The Nitrile glove market has become a modern-day gold rush with a cacophony of pseudo-businesspeople, scammers, and brokers all looking to make millions off of a single deal. Countless hours, days, and forfeited deposits have quickly made glove transaction risk and complexity rival those of cryptocurrency in its worst times.

With iBuy’s new factory alliance, and straight-forward approach, creditworthy customers can simply place a PO and then pay in full once the goods arrive in the US after their overseas shipping. No Risk, no loss of capital. Guaranteed delivery.

For more info and remaining allocation schedules visit iBuyPPE. iBuyXS is registered on Sam.Gov

Florida Distributor Steps Up to the Challenge

Effective Immediately

Florida Distributor Steps Up to the Challenge

FDA/CE Disposable 3-Ply Face Masks

St. Pete, F.L., April 22, 2020– iBuyXS, engaged in international trade for the past 23 years, has joined the battle against Covid-19. After seeing headline after headline about the severe shortage of PPE, especially disposable face masks, in the US, senior management made the decision to create a new arm of the company dedicated to getting masks to the US. 

iBuyPPE recognized an immediate need where they can potentially help support critical demand for emergency supplies. This enhancement to the company is an effort to help fill local and USA demand. No products will be sold outside of the US.

IBuyPPE has 100,000 FDA/CE Certified Disposable 3-Ply Face Masks in stock and can ship today from here in the USA. We have continual shipments scheduled of at least 100k units weekly.

About IBuyPPE

iBuyPPE is a stocking distributor for bulk quantities of Personal Protective Equipment including FDA, CE, and NIOSH certified PPE. We ship from our US warehouse and do not require TT advance terms. IBuyPPE is located in St. Pete Florida.

For more information visit our site or call 1-800-290-5066 x 707


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