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Microchip AT91SAM7X512B-AU In Stock and Ships Today from iBuyXS
Microchip AT91SAM7X512B-AU- Click Here to Submit Your RFQ
The SAM7X Series features numerous debug and test capabilities. An In-Circuit Emulator port is used for standard debugging functions, like downloading code and single-stepping through programs. The Debug Unit provides a two-pin UART that can be used to upload an application into internal SRAM.
SI5338B-B-GMR Excess from iBuyXS
SI5338B-B-GMR Excess- Click Here to Submit Your RFQ
I2C-programmable clock generator, 0.16 - 350 MHz. Skyworks Solutions Inc. SI5338B-B-GMR
STMicroelectronics VND5T016ASPTR-E- Submit Your RFQ Here-
Double channel high-side driver with analog current-sense for 24V automotive applications. This part is used in 24V automotive applications, including Marine.
Inc 5000 Southeast Regionals- Interview with the CEO of iBuyXS
How we built a business on excess inventory- Leveraging company’s excess inventory to become a disruptor in the electronic component industry.
Thumb Drive
Seeking Memory Buyers- Remonetize Your Inventory
Whether you have surplus SSD, CPU, GPU, HDD or Flash Memory electronic components, we can help you remonetize that slow or dead inventory.
MK24FN1M0VLQ12 NXP- Click Here to Submit Your RFQ
This part is used in applications requiring low-power, USB connectivity, and up to 256 KB of embedded SRAM. These devices share the comprehensive enablement and scalability of the Kinetis family.
AI The Future of Mankind- Learn More About Industry Changes
AI is used to reduce critical errors, reinforce systems and cybersecurity measures as well as enhance other aspects of the manufacturing process.
MOSFETs Likely to Cause Production Problems- Learn More Here
Because MOSFETs are one of the most important types of power discrete components, the impact of any lapse in the market is escalated.
Microchip ATXMEGA128A1U-AU Excess- Click Here to Submit Your RFQ
AVR series Microcontroller IC 8/16-Bit 32MHz 128KB (64K x 16) FLASH 1-TQFP (14x14)