We Buy Excess Electronic Components of Xilinx and Intel/Altera FPGA.

If you have excess inventory that you’d like to know the value on, please click the button below.

We require the following to consider FPGA for repurchase:

  • Traceability – Physical Proof of Purchase Via Factory Authorized Channels
  • Original Factory Packaging
  • Proper Storage and Handling – According to Required MSL and ESD Protocol

Uses for FPGA Programming:

  • In Designing application-specific integrated circuits
  • Use in real-time systems
  • Use in projects with changing hardware configurations

The Future of FPGAs

In today’s world, data is under enormous strain. Due to increased cloud computing and higher rates of data creation, our current ways of data management are strained. As a result, engineers have been working diligently to provide alternative solutions- completely reimagining the way that we create hardware and FPGAs are at the forefront.

The use of FPGAs allows for more complex functionalities. More functionalities can be completed within one piece of equipment which causes engineers to achieve higher performance than was previously possible.

As FPGAs can be defined by an HDL code, one FPGA is more versatile than many other pieces of hardware like ASICs. Their functionality allows for configuring and reconfiguring for many different applications- just one FPGA playing as many roles in the application as needed.

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