Want a Higher Return for Excess Electronic Components Inventory?

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Our comprehensive Excess Electronics Inventory Program will help you manage obsolete parts & excess electronic components.

iBuyXS has a comprehensive Excess Electronics Inventory Program to help OEMs and EMS supply chain professionals manage obsolete parts and electronic components.

Every type of excess inventory; Finished goods (cameras, audio equipment, etc) integrated circuits, FPGA, transistors, resistors, diodes, capacitors, semiconductors, switches, connectors, even IT products.

iBuyXS helps you sell your Excess Inventory by finding the right strategy with our (EEIP) Excess Electronics Inventory Program.

How do we get you a higher return?

  • We work on a reasonable, fixed margin
  • We actively and effectively work with thousands of OEM customers, stocking distributors, and speculative stock buyers to find the customer that values your excess the most

Most OEMs are surprised to learn that none of the excess broker buyers actually put your parts in their stock. They typically flip your excess into Asia and pass along 50% or less of what they get for it. We will actually show you the end customer and the price they are paying, and we get a low, fixed fee for managing the entire sale (usually around 20%). Most brokers take 50%+ out of your Excess equity.

Send us your Excess Inventory list by clicking the GOLD Button below. You can also contact us . We are highly motivated to sell your Excess Inventory and return you the highest ROI possible.

Here are a few ways our Excess Electronics Inventory Program will help you sell your excess inventory and turn it into cash:

  • Excess Electronics Inventory Virtual Consignment
  • Excess Electronics Inventory Lot Buys
  • Excess Inventory Line Item Buys
  • Excess Inventory Scrapping & E-Waste Recycling Services

We pay cash and will wire money directly when we buy excess electronic components from you.