KSZ8999I Microchip Technology

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Part Number: KSZ8999I

MFG: Microchip Technology

Pieces: 24

DC: 2221

Description: 10/100 Integrated Switch 208-PQFP (28×28)

The KSZ8999 contains eight 10/100 physical layer transceivers, nine Media Access Control (MAC) units with an integrated layer 2 switch. The device runs in two modes. The first mode is an eight-port integrated switch and the second is as a nine-port switch with the ninth port available through a Media Independent Interface (MII). Useful configurations include a stand alone eight-port switch as well as an eight-port switch with a routing element connected to the extra MII port. The additional port is also useful for a public network interfacing. The KSZ8999 is designed to reside in an unmanaged design that does not require processor intervention.

This is achieved through I/O strapping or EEPROM programming at system reset time. On the media side, the KSZ8999 supports 10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, and 100BASE-FX, as specified by the IEEE 802.3 committee. Physical signal transmission and reception are enhanced through the use of analog circuitry that makes the design more efficient and allows for lower power consumption and smaller chip die size.