L9680TR STMicroelectronics Excess from iBuyXS

Excess with iBuyXS

Part Number: L9680TR

MFG: Texas Instruments

Pieces: 1,000

DC: 2221

Description: Automotive Interface 100-TQFP (14×14)

The L9680 is a chip that can be used in advanced airbag systems for mature airbag markets or in cut-off battery systems for integrated safety markets. This device is family compatible with the L9678 and L9679 devices. Safety system integration is enabled through higher power supply currents and integrated active wheel speed sensor interface. The active wheel speed interface is shared with the PSI-5 satellite interface to create a generic remote safety sensor interface compliant to both systems.

High frequency power supply design allows further cost reduction by using smaller and less expensive external components. All switching regulators operate at 1.882 MHz while buck converters have integrated synchronous rectifiers.