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MT61M256M32 JE-12 AAT

Part Number: MT61M256M32 JE-12 AAT

MFG: Micron

Pieces: 465,168

DC: 22+

FOB Europe

Description: IC SDRAM Automotive Temp GDDR6 32‐bit FBGA 180_12MMX14MM

(每40~C ≒ TC ≒ +105~C). *Note that the automotive designation gives this part versatility to be utilized in other applications.

Applications: The GDDR6 SGRAM is a high-speed dynamic random-access memory designed for applications requiring high bandwidth. The GDDR6 SGRAM’s high-speed interface is optimized for point-to-point connections to a host controller. GDDR6 uses a 16n-prefetch architecture and a DDR or QDR interface to achieve highspeed operation.