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Part Number: MIO-2360N-S2A2

MFG: Advantech

Quantity: 3,000

Description: These are single board computers that come with a LCD touch screen, installed with Windows 10.

Single Board Computers Intel Pentium N4200 F1 Pico-ITX SBC, DDR3L, 24-bit LVDS, VGA/HDMI, 1 GbE, Half-sizeMini PCIe, 4 USB, 2 COM, SMBus, mSATA & MIOe

Mechanical Specs for the LCD Module:

  1. Number of Dots: 1024W(RGB) * 600H Dots, 600 W * 1045(BGR)H Dots
  2. Module Size: 212.2W x 143.9H x 11.7D (mm)
  3. Viewing Area: 155.2W x 86.9H (mm)
  4. Active Area: 154.2144W x 85.92H (mm)
  5. DOT Size: 0.0502W x 0.1432H (mm)
  6. Pixel Size: 0.1506W x 0.1432H (mm)

The MIO-2360 is the “computer” or “brains” behind the LCD Module, it is a common add-on for screen modules (especially since it is carrying windows 10). This eliminates needing to find, or assemble, a “brain” for the screen.

Many user interface functions for medical instruments, simple test equipment, IT, Human Machine Interfaces, and manufacturing assemblies.