MOSFETs Likely to Cause Production Problems- Learn More Here

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What is the current MOSFET market like?

Because MOSFETs are one of the most important types of power discrete components, the impact of any lapse in the market is escalated. Even prior to COVID-19, MOSFET production was tight. This is due to both the limitations surrounding 8-inch wafer production as well as fab capacity.

Even post-Covid, fab capacity was severely limited globally. This led most manufacturers to shift their capacity away from low-voltage to high-voltage MOSFETs to increase profit margins (as the high-voltage MOSFET is mainly used in automotive and industrial control markets). However, this has added to the limited availability of MOSFETs.

The most impacted products by this incident are medium voltage MOSFETS (40V+) and High voltage MOSFETS (450V+). The packages that are used for impacted MOSFETS are below.


TSOP-6 • TO-236 (SOT-23) • SO-8 • PowerPAK 1212-8 • Thin PowerPAK 1212-8 • PowerPAK SO-8 • 1206-8 ChipFET.


SOT Package • SOD323 • SC7 • TSFP • TSSOP10 • SSO8 • Mini and DSC

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