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Analog Devices AD7799BRUZ

Analog Devices AD7799BRUZ

Quantity: 2,500

Manufacturer: Analog Devices

Date Code: 22+

Price: US $7.15

The Analog Devices AD7799BRUZ is a 16-bit, 250 kSPS, low power, single channel, simultaneous sampling Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC). The device features a high speed serial interface, a low power shutdown mode, and a reference input. The AD7799BRUZ is available in a 10-lead MSOP package.

Key Features

  • 16-bit resolution
  • 250 kSPS throughput rate
  • Single channel, simultaneous sampling
  • High speed serial interface
  • Low power shutdown mode
  • Reference input
  • 10-lead MSOP package


  • Data acquisition systems
  • Process control
  • Industrial automation
  • Medical instrumentation
  • Battery-powered systems

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