Microchip ATMEGA2561-16AU

Microchip ATMEGA2561-16AU

Quantity: 225

Manufacturer: Microchip

Date Code: 2252

Price: US $9.11

The ATMEGA2561-16AU is a high-performance, low-power AVR 8-bit microcontroller from Microchip. It is based on the AVR Enhanced RISC architecture and features a 16-bit data bus, a 16-bit program counter, and a 32-bit instruction set. The ATMEGA2561-16AU has 256KB of flash memory, 8KB of SRAM, and 4KB of EEPROM. It also has a wide range of peripherals, including a USART, a SPI, an I2C, a 10-bit ADC, and a 12-bit DAC. The ATMEGA2561-16AU is available in a 64-pin TQFP package.

Here are the specifications of the ATMEGA2561-16AU:

  • Architecture: AVR Enhanced RISC
  • Instruction Set: 32-bit
  • Data Bus: 16-bit
  • Program Counter: 16-bit
  • Flash Memory: 256KB
  • SRAM: 8KB
  • Peripherals: USART, SPI, I2C, 10-bit ADC, 12-bit DAC
  • Package: 64-pin TQFP

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