NXP Semiconductors TJA1040T/CM,118

NXP Semiconductors TJA1040T/CM,118

Quantity: 2,500

Manufacturer: NXP Semiconductors

Date Code: 21+

Component Name: TJA1040T/CM,118

Manufacturer: NXP Semiconductors

Description: The TJA1040T/CM,118 is a high-speed CAN transceiver with integrated voltage regulator. It is designed for use in automotive applications and is fully compliant with the ISO 11898-2 standard. The TJA1040T/CM,118 features a low-power sleep mode and a high-speed wake-up function. It also has a built-in error detection and recovery mechanism.


  • Supply voltage: 3.3V to 5.5V
  • CAN data rate: up to 1 Mbps
  • Standby current: 10µA
  • Wake-up time: 100µs
  • Error detection and recovery: yes
  • Package: SOIC-8


  • Automotive
  • Industrial automation
  • Medical equipment

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