Q1 Electronic Component Shortages On the Rise

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In 2020, the global electronics industry endured unprecedented disruption due to the coronavirus pandemic. Ultimately, the sector proved resilient to the challenges presented by COVID-19 by helping the world embrace digitalization. Unfortunately, a new crisis has already emerged in 2021: the worldwide semiconductor shortage.

The problem began in the auto industry, but the integrated circuit (IC) supply crunch quickly intensified, expanded and evolved into a global calamity because of the field’s interconnected nature. Consequently, the supply crunch disrupted the operation of multiple leading auto manufacturers and personal electronics conglomerates. This worldwide shortage has left many companies scrambling to secure chip orders and seek new avenues of component procurement in the midst of the shortage. Request for quotes (RFQs) are at an all-time high right now as professional buyers look to negotiate pricing and availability to meet production timelines.

In response, chipmakers, foundries and government leaders alike are working aggressively to resolve the crisis and address its root causes to prevent related problems in the future.

Pandemic-related shortages are causing longer lead times, extended forecasts, and a litany of other supply chain disruptions in 2021 that have begun to restrict OEMs, contract manufacturers, and CMs with unexpected component shortages.

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