Seeking Memory Buyers- Remonetize Your Inventory

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Is your excess memory just sitting around? Whether you have surplus SSD, CPU, GPU, HDD or Flash Memory electronic components, we can help you remonetize that slow or dead inventory.

SSD Applications:

-Companies depending on programming environments or data analysis often rely on SSDs, as access times and file-transfer speeds are critical.

-With the continuous developments in Smartphone industry, the need for small sized fast memory is best fulfilled by SSD.

– SSDs can improve the server’s response time due to its speed. They are suitable for faster read and write operations.

CPU Applications:

-Controlling all other parts of the machine and sending timing signals.

-Transferring data between memory and I/O devices. Fetching data and instructions from memory.

-Decoding and execution by directing the operations of the ALU, registers, and other components.

GPU Applications:

-Video Editing. Modern graphics cards support software used for video encoding, a process by which video data is prepared and formatted prior to playback.

-3D Graphics Rendering.

– Machine Learning.

HDD Applications:

-They can store operating systems, software programs and other files using magnetic disks.

-More specifically, hard disk drives control the reading and writing of the hard disk that provides data storage.

– HDDs are used either as the primary or secondary storage device in a computer.

Flash Memory Applications:

-Notebook computers.

-Digital cameras.

-Cell Phones.

-Global Positioning Systems (GPS).

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