The Growing Underground Electronics Market in China- Learn More

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The growing underground electronics market in China further proves the importance of being thorough and purchasing from reputable sources like iBuyXS that use strict quality control, utilize independent testing facilities, with an increased focus on customer care.

The underground electronics market is populated by hundreds of middlemen dealing with used or out-of-date chips where the cost of acquiring just one can run up to 500x its original price. The situation is the worst with chips used for cars, which are becoming more like computers on wheels. The US’s recent chip technology export curbs will only make the shortages worse, encouraging underground activity.

US sanctions have introduced another round of panic to the market and disturbed the supply of both entry level and more advanced chips.

Opportunists have seized on the chips shortfall, raising the price companies pay for the crucial components. But a lack of regulation and soaring demand — China is by far the biggest global market for cars and electric vehicles — mean under-the-table deals are more widespread there.

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