This Week’s Top 50 in Disti: How We Secure the Hardest-to-Find Chips for You

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In the dynamic landscape of electronic component procurement,it can be challenging to keep abreast of the latest changes in availability on core critical parts in your BOM (bill of materials) and getting caught short can lead to production delays, a line down, and increased costs. This weekly blog will highlight the top 50 most-searched parts and manufacturers to help keep you ahead of the game.

iBuyXS is uniquely positioned to be able to supply OEMs with new, factory packaged parts that are in high demand, on shortage, allocated, and unavailable through regular distribution channels. Our proprietary EPIC, Excess Placement and Inventory Control software and database enable us to match your shortage and cost-savings opportunities against our extensive stock of factory sealed OEM excess electronic components.

Mitigate Your Shortage

We currently have excess inventory of the XCF04SVOG20C, one of the hottest 50 electronic components in demand, making it readily available for immediate procurement. If you’re seeking to mitigate your shortage for this electronic part, now is the perfect time to submit your RFQ and secure this factory sealed part before the excess inventory diminishes. Save on components and submit your RFQ here

Save On Components

At iBuyXS, we recognize the importance of cost-saving strategies in electronic component procurement. If you share this priority, we encourage you to explore BidChips as a valuable resource for accessing quality excess electronic components while maintaining budget efficiency.

BidChips For OEM Surplus Electronic Component Sellers

BidChips also presents an innovative solution for OEMs looking to sell their excess electronic components.

Demand generation

One of the key advantages of BidChips is its ability to position excess inventory directly in front of potential buyers. Leveraging its platform, sellers can showcase their surplus electronic components to a vast network of buyers, ensuring maximum exposure and opportunities for sales. This direct access to the target audience streamlines the selling process, minimizing the time and effort required to find suitable buyers. Find buyers for your excess electronic components by submitting a free excess appraisal here

Gain Market Dominance with Excess Electronic Components

In the dynamic landscape of electronic components, sparking demand for surplus parts presents a perpetual challenge. Companies often accumulate excess electronic components—parts rendered redundant in current production or eclipsed by technological advancements. Navigating the disposal of this surplus inventory can impose significant financial strain and potentially miss out on valuable opportunities. At iBuyXS, we recognize this burden, which is why we prioritize understanding demand. Through resources like the list provided in our blog, we strive to optimize your return on investment when selling your excess components.

iBuyXS: Beyond Selling, We Maximize Your ROI

iBuyXS goes beyond simply offering a platform to sell excess electronic components. We’re your comprehensive solution, helping businesses navigate the complexities of excess inventory management. We achieve this through a two-pronged approach: meticulous demand tracking and a user-centric platform,

iBuyXS: Beyond Selling, We Maximize Your ROI

iBuyXS goes beyond simply offering a platform to sell excess electronic components. We’re your comprehensive solution, helping businesses navigate the complexities of excess inventory management. We achieve this through a two-pronged approach: meticulous demand tracking and a user-centric platform,

Know What Sells: Maximize ROI with Targeted Insights

At iBuyXS, we understand that maximizing your return on investment (ROI) is a top priority. That’s why we invest heavily in meticulously tracking demand trends within the excess electronic component market. This in-depth analysis allows us to predict which components are likely to be in high demand, offering our clients invaluable insights when it comes to liquidating their obsolete inventory.

Datasheets: Empower Informed Decisions on Excess Electronic Components

Our commitment to client success extends beyond simply connecting them with potential buyers. We recognize the importance of informed decision-making when dealing with excess electronic components.  That’s why we provide access to a meticulously curated list, each accompanied by detailed datasheets. These datasheets are your one-stop resource for everything you need to know about a specific component.

Packed with essential specifications, technical details, and performance characteristics, these datasheets empower you to conduct thorough evaluations and comparisons before making purchasing decisions. Additionally, our user-friendly platform boasts intuitive navigation and advanced search functionalities, allowing you to swiftly locate the excess electronic components you require, whether you’re a buyer or a seller. A Game-Changer for the Excess Electronic Component Market, our proprietary platform, is more than just an online marketplace for excess electronic components. Often referred to as the “Ebay for Electronic Components,” BidChips revolutionizes demand creation by directly connecting businesses with a global network of potential buyers.

For Buyers:

Are you a buyer looking for high-quality, factory-sealed excess electronic components at competitive prices? Look no further than

  • Diverse Selection, Guaranteed Reliability on Excess Electronic Components: We offer a diverse range of factory-sealed excess electronic components sourced directly from reputable sellers. All components undergo rigorous quality checks to ensure they are in pristine condition, guaranteeing reliability and performance for your projects.
  • Dynamic Pricing: Significant Savings on Excess Electronic Components: stands out with its dynamic pricing model. Unlike traditional procurement methods with fixed prices that may not reflect current market conditions, BidChips allows you to secure top-quality excess electronic components at real-time market prices. This translates into significant cost savings for your business.
  • Transparency and Trust When Buying Excess Electronic Components: Our transparent pricing model fosters trust and confidence. As a buyer, you can be assured of fair and honest pricing in every transaction on excess electronic components.

Weathering Supply Chain Challenges: A Reliable Partner

In today’s volatile market, disruptions and shortages can significantly impact your electronic component sourcing.  iBuyXS steps in as your dependable partner, helping you counter these challenges. Here’s how:

  • Mitigating Shortages Through Our Network: iBuyXS leverages its decades-long relationships with key players in the technology industry to source quality parts, even during shortage situations.
  • Matching Supply and Demand with EPIC: Our proprietary Excess Placement and Inventory Control (EPIC) software and database play a crucial role. This system allows us to effectively cross-match one Global OEM’s surplus stock with another OEM experiencing a shortage.
  • Ensuring Component Authenticity: We understand the increased risk of counterfeit components during periods of high demand. iBuyXS enforces strict quality controls throughout the entire process. This includes vetting sellers, employing sophisticated internal inspection systems, and utilizing certified third-party labs to guarantee the authenticity and quality of every component we offer.
  • Peace of Mind in a Volatile Market: In these volatile times, it is imperative to be prepared for any supply chain challenges. With iBuyXS as your partner, you have a dependable source of electronic components, even when faced with diminishing stock, extended lead times, and escalating costs often encountered in conventional distribution channels.
  • Flexible Procurement Solutions: We recognize that every business has unique needs. That’s why we offer a range of flexible procurement solutions, from one-time Purchase-Price Variance (PPV) services to secure specific components at competitive prices, to ongoing annual buying support for managing your entire Bill of Materials (BOM).
  • Real-Time Demand Tracking and Target Price Delivery: With real-time demand tracking, we ensure a steady stock of essential components you require, delivered within your target price range. This eliminates the risk of overpaying or project delays due to unexpected price fluctuations or component shortages.
  • Commitment to Sustainability: iBuyXS goes beyond just connecting buyers and sellers. We recognize our role in fostering a more sustainable ecosystem within the electronics industry. By facilitating the buying and selling of excess inventory, we contribute to reducing electronic waste (e-waste) by giving valuable components a second life. This translates into environmental benefits while making sound financial sense for your business.

iBuyXS: Your Trusted Partner in the Excess Electronic Component Market

Whether you’re a buyer looking for high-quality components at competitive prices, or a seller seeking to maximize your return on excess inventory, iBuyXS is your one-stop shop. With our meticulous demand tracking, user-centric platform (, and a commitment to quality and sustainability, we empower businesses to navigate the complexities of the excess electronic component market and achieve their goals.