VNQ7040AYTR STMicroelectronics Excess from iBuyXS

Excess with iBuyXS

Part Number: VNQ7040AYTR

MFG: STMicroelectronics

Pieces: 1,000

DC: 2221

Description: Power Switch/Driver 1:1 N-Channel 24A PowerSSO-36 EPD

This board provides you an easy way to connect STMicroelectronics® VIPower® M0-7 technology into your existing system.

The board comes pre-assembled with VNQ7040AY high-side driver. On board, a minimum set of electrical components (as for device datasheet recommendation), enables the user to directly connect the load, the power supply and the microcontroller without any additional effort in external component design and connection.

The VNQ7040AY is a quad channel high-side driver manufactured using ST proprietary VIPower technology and housed in PowerSSO-36 package. The device is designed to drive 12 V automotive grounded loads through a 3 V and 5 V CMOS-compatible interface and to provide protection and diagnostics.

The device integrates advanced protective functions such as load current limitation, overload active management by power limitation and overtemperature shutdown with configurable latch-off.