Empowering OEMs to maximize ROI for their excess inventory of finished goods and electronic components.

We Buy Excess Electronic Components

At iBuyXS we give you complete control and transparency on the sale of your excess electronic inventory. 

Broker middlemen typically buy for 3-5% on the dollar and resell for 10x-20x that. 

We buy excess inventory of finished goods and electronic components and partner with you to help sell your excess inventory for the highest amount possible.

We make a small, fixed, contingency-based fee only if we match you with an actual buyer/offer for your excess and obsolete inventory.

We want to buy your excess electronic components and will work with you finding ways to get the absolute most out of your initial investment.

iBuyXS has a comprehensive Excess Electronics Inventory Program to help OEMs and EMS supply chain professionals manage obsolete parts and electronic components. 

We utilize our vast network of Supply Chain Professionals, 25 years’ experience, and Digital Marketing to get the highest return on your cost.

We utilize our surplus and strategic allocation channels to mitigate shortages that other suppliers can't.

Which Scenario Better Describes What You Need?

We want help maximizing our ROI over time.

Less Urgency, Higher Return.

Sell your excess inventory immediately, ROI is secondary.

Fast action is required!

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picture of electronic component part - SP-200-24
Cost Saving Excellence: SP-200-24 Purchasing Guide
Optimize your cost-saving strategy by participating in the bidding process for the SP-200-24 component.
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How iBuyXS Can Help You Navigate the Electronics Glut in 2024
This excess poses challenges for manufacturers, suppliers, and individuals alike, requiring strategic solutions for inventory management.
Sell Electronic Components and Free Up Cash Flow for 2024
iBuyXS has emerged as a game-changer in the world of board-level electronic component excess inventory management. The platform specializes in streamlining the process of liquidating surplus stock, providing businesses with a seamless and efficient way to quickly turn excess inventory into capital and tax savings for this year.


Excess Placement and Inventory Control (EPIC)

We buy excess electronic components and work with manufacturers and supply chain professionals to help balance their inventory levels utilizing EPIC (Excess Placement and Inventory Control) program which utilizes Lot buys, Line-item Buys, and Virtual Consignment Agreements (VCA) where you maintain control of your assets and avoid unnecessary shipping costs while maximizing your return.

What We Buy


FPGA, Memory Modules, CPU, transistors, integrated circuit surplus, capacitors, resistors, diodes, capacitors, semiconductors, switches, connectors, anything that carries an electric current!

Industrial Automation Equipment

ABB, Allen Bradley, Siemens. Motor control units, super caps, PLC, circuit breakers, anything related to Industrial Automation.

Finished Goods

Digital Cameras, LED, Reclaimed Robotics Parts, SSD, CPU, GPU, etc.

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