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iBuyXS offers unique solutions by leveraging our exclusive access to a global inventory of excess electronic components to create Cost Savings and Mitigate Shortages.

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Cost Savings Programs

Why Buy Your Parts From Us?

Purchase-Price Variance (PPV) Services

Gain control over your procurement expenses with iBuyXS’s PPV services.

By specifying your required parts and desired price range, we scour the open market and cross-match your Bill of Materials (BOM) against our proprietary EPIC database to secure excess, overbuys, and volume discount tag-on components below standard pricing.

Our streamlined process ensures maximum savings, which we pass directly on to you.

Flexible Options for Ongoing Savings

iBuyXS offers a range of flexible cost-saving options tailored to your specific needs.

Whether you require one-time RFQ support or ongoing annual buy support, we’ve got you covered.

With real-time demand tracking and delivery within your target price range, we ensure a steady stock of essential components without compromising your budget.

Discover the power of iBuyXS today and revolutionize your procurement strategy for sustained cost savings and operational excellence.

iBuyXS is in the business of matching buyers and sellers of electronic components. Utilizing the decades-long relationships we’ve built with key players in the technology industry, we procure quality parts for our customers. Sourcing electronic components during shortage situations is one of iBuyXS’s most essential capabilities.

We utilize our proprietary Excess Placement and Inventory Control (EPIC) software and database to cross match one Global OEM’s factory-packaged newer datecode surplus items with another OEM’s urgent shortage. As Inc.5000’s fastest growing distributor of electronic components, iBuyXS excels in connecting buyers with sellers, and leveraging extensive transactional data and industry insights to effectively address supply shortages.

We ensure component authenticity with stringent vetting on the front end. The risk of counterfeit components increases for parts of value especially when they are allocated. iBuyXS enforces strict quality controls, employing sophisticated systems and both internal inspection and testing as well as certified 3rd party labs to inspect and test components, ensuring their authenticity and quality.

In these volatile times, it is imperative to be prepared for any supply chain challenges. We serve as a dependable source of products, countering the challenges of diminishing stock, extended lead times, and escalating costs often encountered in conventional distribution channels.

Shortage Mitigation

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