Success Story: iBuyXS Empowers Buyers to Avoid a Production Shutdown

Woman receiving package from warehouse worker


A prominent global audio and video equipment manufacturer faced a challenge finding where to buy electronic components that were allocated through their regular franchised distributors. In a bid to meet impending production deadlines, they urgently required over 100,000 Texas Instrument DSP (Digital Signal Processor), which were allocated and they were quoted a 6 month lead time.

The Challenge:

The task at hand presented a shortage mitigation opportunity, requiring us to immediately source and deliver factory packaged goods to our Contract Manufacturer (CM) for assembly within 1 week, despite the fact that no parts were available from TI Direct or any of their franchised distributors for at least 6 months.

iBuyXS Steps In:

The CM turned to iBuyXS since our demand creation had led to us showing the required parts on a multitude of paid sites as well as showing up in Google search results. We had an exclusive agreement to sell excess electronic component inventory from another one of our OEMs that had this TI part in stock, factory packaged and ready to ship.

iBuyXS coordinated with their EU logistics partner to conduct same-day shipping to our independent certified test lab for part authentication, then immediate turnaround to our customer once the parts were tested to the manufacturer’s original specification.

The outcome of this streamlined process was a 72 hour turnaround to get the parts to our CM’s production floor. The best part? Because the surplus came from a major OEM that had huge buying power and bought direct, at a discount, the CM buyer was able to get these parts at a cost-savings of $23,265 for the 100K units.

Solution with iBuyXS:

iBuyXS acted as an extended procurement arm, leveraging its trusted vendor network to promptly buy the excess electronic components. Through strategic sourcing and efficient logistics management, iBuyXS ensured the DSPs were acquired and delivered within the required timeframe.

iBuyXS accomplished this by locating the stock within 24 hours of the manufacturer’s request, ensuring its authenticity and quality through inspection, and then promptly shipping it.


Our streamlined supply chain solution facilitated timely delivery of the DSPs, averting production delays, AND delivered cost-savings!

Client Testimonial:

“With demanding production schedules to meet, we relied on iBuyXS to source and deliver parts needed to meet our demand. We were committed to a specific delivery date and were able to keep the schedule with no delays thanks to iBuy’s help.”

Clint, Procurement Lead