Seller Case Studies

Learn how we’ve helped electronic component sellers in specific industries.

How iBuyXS Maximized ROI through Virtual Consignment

Challenge: A prominent automotive manufacturer in Europe faced a significant challenge: They needed to offload surplus inventory of electronic components to achieve the highest return on investment (ROI) on their initial cost of goods. However, internal policies required them to retain physical possession of the surplus stock until it was sold, making traditional consignment methods unfeasible. This unique situation demanded an innovative solution that would allow them to maximize their ROI without compromising their internal requirements. Solution with iBuyXS: The...

Success Story: Clear the Shelves! – OEM Wins New Contract and Needs to Immediately Free Up Warehouse Space

Challenge: A wireless earbud manufacturer had been acquiring parts for their old BOM for the past 2 years. When they suddenly closed a contract for a newer version of their product, 90% of the raw goods in their warehouse suddenly became dead inventory.They approached us with a challenge: Make them an offer within 48 hours to sell their entire excess electronic components inventory for the old build to free up space for the new incoming Bill of Materials and recapitalize...

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