Success Story: Transforming Excess into Revenue for a Fortune 500 Company



In 2024 a Fortune 500 electronics manufacturer needed to liquidate 40 container loads of 43″ LCD screens and several pallets of surplus electronic components, aiming to avoid financial loss and massive carrying costs.

Solution with iBuyXS:

Partnering with iBuyXS, who leveraged, their extensive buyer network, and targeted demand creation to move the excess inventory efficiently and strategically, while maximizing returns, in Q4 of 2023 we were able to manage the entire sale and logistics of export, transport, import, and inspection.


The initiative generated over $2,000,000 in returns, significantly reduced storage costs, optimized inventory management, and established a new industry service standard.

Client Testimonial:

“As a Fortune 500 manufacturer facing the challenge of clearing 40 container loads of 43″ LCD screens from our warehouses, partnering with iBuyXS not only resulted in a return of over $2,000,000 but also saved us substantial storage and holding costs. Their strategic approach streamlined our inventory management, transforming a potential loss into a significant financial win and setting a new benchmark for service excellence in our industry.”
Derek, VP of Supply Chain

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