We Buy Excess Electronic Components

iBuyXS Wants To Buy Your Excess Electronic Components

We have experience buying excess inventory for the past 25 years. We buy excess electronic components and work with manufacturers and supply chain professionals to help balance their inventory levels utilizing EPIC (Excess Placement and Inventory Control) program which utilizes Lot buys, Line-item Buys, and Virtual Consignment Agreements (VCA) where you maintain control of your assets and avoid unnecessary shipping costs while maximizing your return. iBuyXS LLC is privately held, with unlimited cash resources available for opportunistic buys. Contact us to sell your excess electronic inventory, surplus and obsolete components, and we will help you get the maximum ROI quickly, and efficiently.

What We Buy


FPGA, Memory Modules, CPU, transistors, integrated circuit surplus, capacitors, resistors, diodes, capacitors, semiconductors, switches, connectors, anything that carries an electric current!

Industrial Automation Equipment

ABB, Allen Bradley, Siemens. Motor control units, super caps, PLC, circuit breakers, anything related to Industrial Automation.

Finished Goods

Digital Cameras, LED, Reclaimed Robotics Parts, SSD, CPU, GPU, etc.

iBuyXS LLC wants to buy your excess electronic components inventory!

We pay cash and can wire money directly to buy excess inventory from you.